80% Studios

Featured Artist for Quarter 3, 2024

About 80% STUDIOS

Since 2010, storytellers Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver, collectively known as 80% Studios, have been crafting narratives across a variety of visual mediums. While both artists have their strengths, it is in their collaboration-of pictures and words together-that truly defines the 80% style.

Together they have published eight books, including the smash hit “Chickaloonies”, co-founded a comix anthology, organized a comics festival, and hosted multi-media performances and interactive storytelling workshops for all ages. 80% Studios has also developed a sequential storytelling strategy guide in partnership with the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center and comic art workbook to teach drawing fundamentals and encourage students to use their own cultures, experiences, and stories to create graphic novels.

With a combined 25 years of experience in comic creation, 80% Studios represents the true power of visual storytelling by independently blazing a path of creativity based in a love of the craft. 80% represents the journey of learning, trying, failing and never giving up. It’s not about the destination, just as it’s not about perfection.


Dimi Macheras is an Ahtna Athabascan comic book illustrator and Chickaloon Village Tribal Citizen. He was raised by his storyteller Mother Patricia Wade and taught Ahtna cultural values and traditions by his Grandmother, Clan Elder, Katherine Wade. An alumni of Ya Ne Dah Ah School, Alaska’s first Tribally owned and operated full time K-12 school, Dimi began his journey as an artist illustrating his family’s Traditional Ahtna stories into comic books. He has teamed with storytellers and culture-bearers from other tribes to help turn their legends into graphic novels. In 2010 he co-founded 80% Studios, and has self-published a variety of comic books, including in the recently released graphic novel Chickaloonies: First Frost. Dimi currently resides in Seattle, WA.


Casey Silver has spent his life discovering, creating and telling stories. After learning how to read on black and white TMNT comics, he’s done nothing but sit around and read too many comics. In 2010, Casey formed 80% Studios with Dimi Macheras and-despite a short stint in the comic book industry-have been chronicling the duo’s adventures including their latest project -CHICKALOONIES. He currently resides in Seattle, WA.