Emma Wilson

Featured Artist for Quarter 1, 2024

Emma Wilson is a self-taught artist originally from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she grew up exploring the mountains, rivers, and trails that make up her hometown.Over the years, she fostered a deep love and gratitude for mountainous landscapes, florals, and wilderness, along with a desire to capture them on paper and canvas. She followed her passion for mindful exploration of the outdoors north to Alaska in the spring of 2022, and is honored to now call Anchorage her home. She primarily works with watercolor and pen, but also dabbles in gouache and acrylic paints, graphite, and embroidery. She seeks to celebrate underrepresented identities finding joy and power in wild spaces. Her current work is influenced by mountain living, her badass friends and family, warm beverages, the power and divinity of bodies, and the resilience of wildflowers. In her time outside of creating art, Emma enjoys backcountry skiing, hiking in the rain, laying in the sun, drinking coffee, and slowly reading her way through her book collection. She spends her summers as a hiking guide on the Kenai Peninsula.

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